In 2001, Starr joined the Low Budget Crew, which also included D.C. locals Oddisee, Kev Brown, Critically Acclaimed, and Cy Young[1]. His connection with producer Oddisee landed him a deal with New York-based indie label Halftooth Records, which released his debut single, "If", featuring Talib Kweli and Asheru, in early 2004. "If" and its B-side, "Walk the Walk", were included on the Halftooth Records compilation You Don't Know the Half. The single led to a number of guest appearances including The Foreign Exchange's "The Answer", Wordsworth's "Head High", and Symbolyc One and Illmind's "Guilty Pleasures".

In June 2006, Starr released The Starr Report, a mixtape featuring most of his unreleased guest appearances on albums by the likes of Supastition, Cesar Comanche, The Foreign Exchange, and Kev Brown; followed by the single "Against the Grain". On August 29, Starr's debut album, Starr Status, was released, featuring production from Illmind, Khrysis, Kev Brown, Oddisee, DJ Roddy Rod and M-Phazes. Album guests included Kev Brown, Starr's Isaac Jones partner Sean Born, Supastition, Median, Talib Kweli and Asheru.

Starr Status garnered the rapper attention from magazines including Scratch, The Source, and JIVE, who called Starr "one of the best MCs in the game"

1. Starr Status (Intro) (prod. by Oddisee)
2. Against The Grain (prod. by Illmind)
3. Relentless (feat. Kev Brown) (prod. by Kev Brown)
4. The Same Pt. 2 (prod. by Oddisee)
5. Mr. Nice Guy (feat. Wayna) (prod. by Oddisee)
6. Middle Fingaz (prod. by M-Phazes)
7. U Will (prod. by DJ Roddy Rod)
8. Never Too Late (feat. Sean Born) (prod. by Kev Brown)
9. Carry On (feat. Supastition & Darien Brockington) (prod. by Oddisee)
10. Waitin' On You (prod. by Khrysis)
11. Inside (feat Wayna) (prod. by Illmind)
12. Back At It Again (feat. Median & M-Phazes) (prod. by M-Phazes)
13. Nothing But Time (feat. Oddisee) (prod. by Young Cee)
14. Another Day (feat. Sean Born & Chronkite) (prod. by Kev Brown)
15. Know Too Much (To Go Back) (prod. by Oddisee)
16. If (feat. Asheru & Talib Kweli) (Bonus-prod. by Oddisee)