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"Sacrifice" is the second full-length studio album by Maryland Hip Hop luminary and longtime QN5-affiliate/Extended Famm member, Substantial. The official follow up to the Nujabes-produced "...To This Union A Sun Was Born," Sacrifice showcases the remarkable growth and musical maturity that this soulful barritone has undergone. From braggadocio to introspection to classic party starters, it's all here. Tackling a wide range of topics from the inside out, Sacrifice features production by Kno (CunninLynguists), Tonedeff, Algorhythm & Burns, as well as guest vocals by fellow QN5 labelmates Extended Famm.

1. Sacrifice (Intro)
2. Let It Go [Produced By Burns]
3. That Damn Good [Produced By Algorhythm]
4. Chain Reaction [Produced By Donnan Links]
5. Resurrection of the House Party [Produced By Fero Navi] (Buy Single)
6. U Can Get It [Produced By Algorhythm]
7. My Favorite Things (f/ Steph) [Produced By Definition]
8. 4DozDatDonKno [Produced By Von Johnson]
9. It's You (I Think) [Produced By Kno]
10. Spaticus [Produced By Tonedeff]
11. A P.G. Boy [Produced By Deacon The Villain]
12. Q.T. (Quality Time) [Produced By Final]
13. Wake Up Call [Produced By Algorhythm]
14. Labor Pains [Produced By Tonedeff]
15. Sign Language (f/ Extended Famm) [Produced By Algorhythm]
16. Hood Hope (f/ Steph & RnB) [Produced By Studio Steve Wallace]

We’ve received word that Substantial has officially made it past the first round of voting for 2009’s Grammy nominations. He’s currently in the running for a nomination in 3 separate categories:

1. Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: Substantial – “My Favorite Things (f/ Steph)”
2. Best Rap Song: Substantial – “It’s You (I Think)”
3. Best Rap Duo or Group: Substantial ft. Extended Famm – “Sign Language”