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1. The Poison String Chamber (feat. Lotus Chief) (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
2. The Overseer (feat. Seraph Guard & Lotus Chief) (Prod. Wisdom God)
3. Fallen Kings (feat. Anabolic & Lotus Chief)
4. Seven Stages (feat. D.L.A.H. Future Chamber)
5. Jealousy Kills (feat. Nova Kane)
6. Cold Blade (feat. Estee, Purpose & Code 9 (of Tragic Allies) & Lotus Chief
7. Just the Thought Of Blades (feat. Seraph Guard & Lotus Chief)
8. Wooden Leg (feat. DKGA)
9. Once Upon A Time In Regina (feat. Lotus Chief) (Prod. North Nasty)
10. Kamikaze Ghost Attacks (feat. Nova Kane & Iron Neck Li)
11. Sword Swivelin (feat. DKGA) (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
12. The Day After Gods Spoke (feat. Immortal Gods)
13. A Cold Leaf (feat. Lotus Chief & Seraph Guard)
14. Heavy Weight Hyptnosis (feat. Rhyme Fabric)
15. Ninja Virtuz (feat. Pro Grave Face, Lotus Chief & Seraph Guard) (Prod. Famicon)
16. Killa Bushido Blade (feat. Killer Falcon & Lotus Chief)
17. Opium Skydive (feat. Shakim AKA Lord Subliminal)
18. Zen Travelz (feat. Iron Neck Li AKA Def Com 7)

This MC/Producer has recently joined The Lost Children Of Babylon as one of their newest members! Peep this little exclusive... production and features from Wu affiliates including Bronze Nazareth & Tragic Allies. This is some dope shit right here yo, if you like that grimy Wu sound and the spiritual essence of L.C.O.B. then you def gotta cop this. Look out for more from White Lotus coming soon!