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01. Water Dragons (feat. Lotus Chief)
02. Blood Flow (feat. Estee & Purpose of Tragic Allies & Lotus Chief) (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
03. Remains Of Seasons (feat. DKGA)
04. Sword Justus Original Peoplez (feat. Lotus Chief) (Prod. Ghost Disciple)
05. Anti Death Machine (feat. Lotus Chief, Nova Kane & Iron Neck Li)
06. Training At The Dojo (feat. Iron Neck Li & Lotus Chief)
07. Artery (feat. Morning Star, Seraph Guard & Killer Falcon (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
08. Formless Sword Melody (feat. Immortal Gods)
09. Crane Technique Of Flight (feat. Lotus Chief, Seraph Guard & Morning Star
10. Heavy Weapon (Iron Neck Li & Lotus Chief)
11. Shades Of The Witch Hazel (feat. Lotus Chief & RPM) (Prod. RPM)
12. The Steel Finger (feat. Lotus Chief)
13. Heaven For A Ghost Army (feat. DKGA) (Prod. Semantix)
14. Buttafly Swords (feat. Rhyme Fabric)
15. Razor Loose Leaf (feat. Lotus Chief & Seraph Guard) (Prod. DJ Swarm)
16. weeping sword (feat. Lotus Chief & Iron Neck Li)
17. Departed Souls Of Kaos (feat. DKGA, Nova Kane, Miss Hoe the 8th Sister & Holocaust (Prod. Annex)
18. Lilly White Handlock (feat. Lotus Chief)

More exclusive ish from new L.C.O.B. member, White Lotus. With more of that kung fu sounding hip hop and more production from Bronze Nazareth, don't let this one slip!