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Critics of rap music who say that the genre is too violent, too focused on bling-bling, and gangbangin have something new to reconsider their perspective: Another Rap Group.

That's not a misprint. Another Rap Group is indeed the name, but the name is an understatement. ARG isnt just another rap group. In many ways, ARG is the rap group that is poised to bring a renaissance of what rap music was and has continued to be in the subgenre of underground rap all around the nation and overseas.

With their groove-savvy beats, smoothly crafted instrumental tracks, and of course, a rap style that relates to listeners on a street-level with issues that most anybody can identify witheven those outside of rap musicARG is bringing rap into the 21st century with a 1980s passion and honesty that made rap the most exciting and relevant musical style to emerge in the last three decades.

The new album “They Call Us…” was a struggle, “sophomore jinx is an understatement We lost the album twice (data curroption) and the second time came a month before the release” says Ospis. “They Call Us…” talks about the struggles they deal with in their everyday lives as MC’s and normal men.

01. The Soul
03. Bothered
04. Dream Jobs
05. Sacramento Jazz
06. Fallin’
07. KSFU
08. Definitive Truth
09. Get Away
10. Low Stacked
11. Breakdown
12. Broken Mirrors
13. They Call Us