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Growing up in the city know as the big apple with a musical family background of jazz and blues it was not long before Nironic found himself with a guitar in his hand and rapping just to entertain his family…
After attending music performance school he fell in love with the drums and after some short time started working in S.I.R. studio in new york, this was the first step in his career allowing him to meet with the group LIVING COLOUR who invited him to tour with them as a drum tech, and programmer…
Nironic passion for rapping keep him writing while on tour with living colour and when the band members heard him they created an opening in their show for him, as guest during their European tour, and after was invited to the studio by Doug Winbash to record and there was no looking back.

Nironic came back to Europe and formed the band CHERRYHILL who''s first single release NO SURRENDER hit no.17 in the video charts, which caught the attention of the Czech top group Indy a Wich.. Then came his first collab. With this group and it was a hit at no.1 in the charts and stayed at no 1 for 5 months, with this success there were no questions what will be next and it came. The beginning of what has turned out to be one of the hottest collaboration setups. The solo album Chronicles of a Nomad

Listen/Download: Ladies & Gentleman

01. N.Y-C.Z. (3:30)
02. Best Thing (3:41)
03. All My Life featuring Tina (3:38)
04. 12:15 (4:35)
05. Ladies And Gentlemen (4:35)
06. 7 Ways To Sunday (4:38)
07. In This (3:15)
08. Lady featuring Tom Malar (4:17)
09. Nomad (4:01)
10. A Yo (4:10)
11. Rufus (4:02)
12. Revolution (4:07)
13. Sometimes (4:10)
14. The Hustle (3:28)
15. Blood (4:28)
16. Right Now (3:55)
17. The Real (Intro) (1:39)
18. The Real (Hip-Hop) (4:10)

Don't sleep on this, along with that Wildelux album I posted, this is one of the best albums released last year that you never knew about. I think DJ Wich produced the whole album and if you got to check the DJ Wich album, The Golden Touch then you know the beats are gonna be fire. There's a perfect blend of boom bap, soul and clubby vibe without sounding wack or cheesy. Nironic definitely can spit and as you progress through the album, you soon realise how ill Nironic is. Trust me, this is one sick album and you'd be crazy to past this one up. He also has a recently released EP called "Let's Go" which I'll post up in a little which ain't bad but this right here is the real deal. Don't forget to let me know what y'all think of the album! Enjoy!!!