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Heavily endorsed by The Smoking Section & hosted by Trackstar The DJ, The Aristocrats is Wafeek's second solo release. The title is twofold in name - an allusion to the mythic dirty joke told and retold by comedians and the subject of a documentary of the same name in 2005. Also, it's a reference to Wafeek's ability to carry the torch on behalf of Hip-Hop's grand tradition of storytellers.

Wafeek has taken a novel approach, eliminating the bells and whistles to simply create a mixtape full of damn good music. This barebones approach captures Wafeek's essence; each song is a conversation in which the St. Louis MC reveals details about himself and his credo while inviting the listener to add input.

To say Wafeek is gifted on the mic is an understatement. "Instant Gratification" and "Internet Celebrity" are going to be lauded for their great storytelling and emotional core. However, "Let The Beat Build Backwards" is just Wafeek spitting bars like a madman to show off his insane talent. His flow & talents are multifaceted and undeniable!

1.Intro-Produced by Dro
2.Just Go - Produced by Damien Taylor and Shawn Lindell
3.Wafeek(ee) - Produced by Riley w/Keys by Ish and Vocals by Lady Ann
4.Die Backwards
5.Rags 2 Riches - Produced by Tech Supreme
6.Rep My Hood (Snippet) - Produced by Shawn Lindell and Skhye Hutch
7.The Hollows-Produced by Visto
8.Power of Rap - Originally "Give it to Me" Remix by Timberland
9.Instant Gratification - Produced by Jr. Flood
10.Romance is BACK - Produced by Azeem w/Vocals by Karma, Estadje, and Azeem
11.Earth Day - Produced by Stoney Rock
12.Blind by the Facts featuring A-Bex - Produced by Azeem w/Vocals by Azeem
13.Internet Celebrity
14.Three the Hard Way (Pause) - Produced by Vandalyzm
15.Cocaine Flow
16.I'mma Learn Ya - Vocals by Azeem
17.Say It's True - Vocals by Sophia Blak

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