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Aight people. this is my 1st post in here and I'm starting with a great record from the crew...
ILL SOURCE. There’s not much information to share bout those cats. The record got much attention the last few months as the track “devastation” was used on several mixtapes around the globe. This lil hype obviously already created the strong will in some diggers heads to get crazy on the wax and bid hard at “tha bay”. Guess that’s why the last copy seen on ebay went for more than 70bucks!!! C’mon people – it’s a fresh wax but IMO never worth this amount of cream!
Anyway let’s get to the content on this twelve. The a-side is giving you the very solid tune “immaculate” that starts with an introduction that is taken from a medieval movie (it may be “Braveheart” but not sure…). I already apologize for the 2 skips you can hear at the beginning of the tune. Dunno if they’re on the record or from my needlz that need to be replaced once! On the flipside is the banger track I was talking bout above – “devastation”.
When my homie Onur played this track the 1st time (I didn’t know that gem before!) I experienced damn goosebumps! I think the reason to that are the spherical synthesizer sounds that are just awesome and build the main structure of that track. Rhyme wise it ain’t the best though but who cares with such a damn dope beat?
The vinyl was released approx. 1996 on the unknown Blue House Ent. Label.

well then - njoy - peez - I'mOut - ral278
BTW: new link is activated and working (f?*k file-upload...won't use this sh#t anymore!!)