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18 year old producer/emcee from Rochester, NY. Just trying to get my name known. I've been rhyming for about 7 years, Producing for 3. I've always tried to incorporate who I am as a person into my music, whether it be on the MPC or the mic. The honesty is my catch. So far, from putting out beat tapes and performing in Rochester and Philly, people are appreciating what I bring to the table.

01. Diva
02. Alicia
03. Mary
04. Jennifer
05. Disa
06. Tajia
07. Ama
08. Rhian
09. Ughh
10. Liza
11. Maria Maria
12. Ken
13. Sherlyn
14. Peb
15. Jess
16. Danielle
17. Mary
18. Beth

Forbidden Fruit 1-2 (The H.E.R. Edition):
This is the second installment of the instrumental series "Forbidden Fruit".
Vol. 0-1 was released in May of 08'. it sold about 200 copies locally. But it was very unorganized and sloppy. Hopefully this album is much better received and appreciated.
I like to let the listener decide, but if I had to describe the sound of this project...
It's a fresh blend of soul, jazz and hip-hop. I try to keep my drums as dirty as possible, I try to chop like nobody else is doing it, and it's very important to me that the sound is always very emotional and meaningful.