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Consisting of renowned Wu-Tang/RZA affiliate (and Wu-Elements member) Bronze Nazareth and up and coming emcee Kevlaar 7, "The Unknown" finally makes its retail debut. Predating Bronze's acclaimed 2006 solo debut, "The Great Migration" as well as the more recent 2007 release from his collective The Wisemen (also comprised of Kevlaar 7), "The Unknown" is a glimpse into the early, raw creativity of two of indie hip-hop's rising stars.

01. Understanding
02. Reflections Of Glass & Black Paper
03. This Thing Of Undying Love
04. Northern Battalion
05. Rain
06. God Of Souls
07. Mitten Behemoths
08. Hypnotic Prophets (Remix)
09. Moral Of The Story
10. Jackin’ For Decibels
11. Everything’s So Deep
12. The Last Cry
13. Poisonous Saliva
14. Immovable (Hypnotic Prophets Remix)

The Unknown album, is what I like to call ‘pre-season’. This album was recorded out of pocket, from around 1995-2000. It took so long because we were rookies, we were ultimately proud of this product, after the work and experience was put in on this album. Playing studios anywhere from $50-$75 an hour when we were broke was quite a feat, as a result (after ensuing years of sharpening our skills) there are off kilter deliveries, overcrowded rhymes, sparse beats, but the album still resonates a feel. This album was a needed stepping stone towards the Great Migration of Bronze and The Wisemen. Even if imperfect, signs of what would come radiate from this early release. - Bronze Nazareth