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The groundbreaking new artist Sadistik is quickly raising eyebrows with his debut solo album “The Balancing Act.” At only 22 years old he has developed a sound that is truly unique as he seamlessly blends his signature of deeply poetic lyrics with brooding, symphonic soundscapes filled with beauteous live instrumentation.
In addition to his own innovative rhyming style, Sadistik collaborated with the likes of underground hip-hop icons Mac Lethal of Rhymesayers Entertainment and Vast Aire from the highly regarded duo of Cannibal Ox.
Sadistik can be found doing shows around his home state of Washington performing his shockingly energetic live shows. While he writes all of his own music, his biggest inspirations range the musical spectrum from Sage Francis all the way to Radiohead. And although traces of these influences can be found in Sadistik’s music, one thing is for certain: he has created a sound that is truly his own.

  1. Dawn Of The Dead
  2. Playing God
  3. Searching For Some Beautiful
  4. Ashes to Ashley feat. Mac Lethal
  5. Memento Mori
  6. Clockwork Grey Interlude
  7. Absolution
  8. Murder of Crows feat. Louise Fraser
  9. Writes of Passage feat. Vast Aire
  10. Angel Eyes
  11. November
  12. The Exception To Everything