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What better way to describe this album than to simply quote a couple paragraphs from a recent ScholarMan article titled “What’s Your Purpose?”, one of the inspirations for the album:

Soul Purpose according to ScholarMan is “simply good hip-hop music that encourages people to define their purpose and work towards the necessary goals that flow parallel with this process.” With the underground success of Candy Medicine, ScholarMan wanted to ensure that his message on Soul Purpose is just as clear as the releases before it but with an improved sound and overall album structure. “Many artists get complacent with their craft, that’s not my style. I will always give you 100% of me but with improvements, and more innovation with every album,” ScholarMan states.

Soulful beats, intelligent lyrics, this is destined to be another classic to add to your collection.

01. Last One Standing
02. My Place, My Taste
03. 1 Man, 1 Soul Purpose
04. Tell Me (What Happened To The Game )
05. Dreams
06. Correct-Ion
07. Hood Stories Vol. 2
08. No Questions Asked (Pink Cookies 2008) Ft Truebless
09. Keep The Love Alive
10. My First Seed
11. Cool Off
12. Fly
13. Claim Heavens

A true example of Real Hip Hop right here, this is sure to be a classic in the near future, don't sleep!!!