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ScholarMan is a Maryland based hip-hop artist and producer known for socially conscious and soulful music. Various critiques and supporters have described him as a political artist; others have dubbed him as a positive artist, but ScholarMan describes his music as revolutionary. Revolutionary meaning his music is all of the above; and his mission is to bring about social change within hip-hop as well as our society through innovative and soulful hip-hop.

In the late 1990s he started his own record label Else Where? Entertainment and released several underground albums and mixtapes. The highlight of these releases was ScholarMan’s first international release “Candy Medicine.” This album got underground praise and attention for its organic beats and intelligent lyricism.

His journey continued. In December of 2007 Else Where? Entertainment’s name was changed due to legal ramifications to Soganic Music. Its first release in January 2008 was ScholarMan’s strong follow up to Candy Medicine “Soul Purpose.” Soul Purpose like his prior release would also do well. Behind his solo releases ScholarMan also works with other artists providing production and direction on multiple releases, the highlight of these releases being TrueBless’ “Mission Ispossible.”

01. Keeping Ambitious 3:27
02. The Answer 3:17
03. Rebel Muzik 3:42
04. Let Everything Go 3:45
05. Hood Stories V.1 (Intermission) 2:13
06. The Outcome 4:00
07. Keep It Even 3:15
08. My Passion 4:10
09. Ride With Me (Remix) 3:08
10. I Grew To Love You 3:01
11. Before I Go 3:28