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Goodfellas is the second album from underground Hip Hop duo Show and A.G., formerly known as Showbiz and A.G.. Released three years after their debut Runaway Slave, the album features a darker, grimier sound then their first release. Guest appearances come from Lord Finesse, D-Flow, Party Arty, Wali World, Method Man and Diamond D. The album features the underground hit "Next Level [Nyte Time Mix]", which was produced by DJ Premier and later featured on the movie 8 Mile.

Producer Show, who made numerous rapping appearances on their debut, makes no rhyming appearances on the release.


01. Never Less Than Ill
02. You Know Now
03. Check It Out
04. Add On
05. Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)
06. Time For
07. Got The Flava
08. Neighborhood Sickness
09. All Out
10. Medicine
11. I'm Not The One
12. Got Ya Back
13. Next Level