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The effort was a highly praised underground release, but didn't sell strong numbers. Three songs from their debut EP are included here, "Party Groove", "Soul Clap", and "Catchin' Wreck".

The album features an early appearance from late legend Big L, on the posse cut "Represent", other guest appearances come from Diamond D, Dres, Lord Finesse and DeShawn. The album includes many interludes between songs that features underground artists such as The Legion, Freddie Foxxx, Fat Joe, Kid Capri and Lord Finesse.

Producer Showbiz makes frequent rapping appearance on the album, unlike later releases, where he left the rhyming to A.G.

01. Still Digin' feat. Diamond D 03:44
02. Fat Pockets 03:39
03. Bounce Ta This 03:53
04. More Than One Way Out Of The Ghetto 04:31
05. Silence Of The Lambs(Remix) 04:52
06. 40 Acres And My Props 04:21
07. Runaway Slave 04:52
08. Hard To Kill 05:15
09. Hold Ya Head 04:38
10. He Say, She Say 04:20
11. Represent feat. Big L, DeShawn, Lord Finesse 05:56
12. Silence Of The Lambs 05:10
13. Party Groove(Bass Mix) 03:22
14. Soul Clap(Short Version) 04:04
15. Catchin' Wreck 04:18
16. Party Groove (Instrumental) 03:17