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Singapore Kane is a rapid rising rap star in his native city of Boston, Massachusetts. Being born of Jamaican decent to his mother Faith and Legendary Boston reggae artist Danny Tucker, Singapore was introduced to the sounds and rythym of music at an early age. Kane started his quest to become a force in the hip-hop industry in the fourth grade, discovering his ability to write clever poems, limericks and haiku's. Over time, Singapore has laid many of his competitors in the dust, hence his name Singapore Kane, derived through the lyrical bashing of his opponents during freestyle battles.

Singa is most known for his ability to conjure up vivid imagery with his lyrics. Whether spitting on topics regarding the streets or world politics, his rhymes leave you with plenty to envision and contemplate . Singa explains it best, "You don't hear my lyrics, you see em." He is a dedicated advocate for inner city youth voicing their concerns and struggles on many of his tracks. Self-described as a "Street Journalist & Observer," Singapore represents his home-town of Mattapan and the controversies that surround him.

01. Fly With Me 02:33
02. Sufferer 02:54
03. Jigs Over 02:33
04. Fast Life 03:47
05. Spit-Fire (Ft. Big Shug & Dre Robinson) 03:51
06. Summer In The City 03:23
07. Who Shot Ya 02:26
08. Angry 03:10
09. Wanted (Ft. Terry Ganzi) 04:40
10. Rumble In The Jungle (Ft. Blues) 02:09
11. Problems 01:53
12. Rise Up (Ft. Big Shug) 03:14
13. Trust No One 03:02
14. Eye For N’ Eye (Ft. Tragic Allies) 03:22
15. Streets 01:14
16. Silva Spoons 03:18
17. Street Legends (Ft. Chan) 03:21
18. Get Up (Ft. Blues) 02:21
19. Watch N’ See 03:57
20. Bust A Move 02:37
21. Stop Playin 03:55
22. Live It Up 02:09