Monday, December 08, 2008 | Posted in

Sup y'all, now's the time to vote for your best hip hop album of 2008. Here's how it works, the list on the right is all the real hip hop albums released from July onwards. The top 5 will go against the top 5 that one from our previous poll for Best Hip Hop album between January and June. You can see who topped that poll under the current poll. I think this is a fair way to narrow down the best album throughout the whole year (and there were a lot of albums!!!) and see what really is the ultimate best album, no matter at what point in 2008 it was released. Once this poll ends, We'll do a top 10 poll with each five going against each other and we'll reveal the eventual winner on Dec 30th!!! With that said... GET VOTING!!! oh, and you can vote for more than one, but try and be fair!