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9THUNO is a force to be reckoned with on an international level. 9TH brings traditional fundamentals of lyricism with a new school swagger over the illest of beat production.

9th has performed with KRS-1, GZA, Boot Camp Click, Marco Polo, ILL Bill, Mr. Lif, Cage, Camu Tao, Jedi Mind Tricks, Saukrates, Daetona, BrassMunk, The Beatnuts, D.I.T.C. and Redman/Method Man.

Accolades include 2006 WINNER of the National JUST ENTERTAINMENT Demo Battle against hundreds of Canadian artists, 2006 WINNER of the MIXTAPE MASSACRE intro contest in which 9th's song "CKLNVEY" is featured every Saturday 1-4 PM on the legendary 88.1 CKLN timeslot. 9th has also been featured several times on the's 'CHOICE CUTS' showcase which features some of the best hiphop music coming out of the country.

9th Uno Unassociated Press is a street album featuring some of hip hop's most celebrated producers and DJ's, such as Marco Polo and Moss. Ladies love him, the streets respect him, and the most critical of official hip hop heads praise him.

01. Intro
02. Terrorists
03. Eye Of The Storm (Prod By Vokab)
04. Dont Get It Twisted (Prod By Moss)
05. Vices (Prod By Moss)
06. The Drill
07. Rize Up (Prod By Beatwyze)
08. Killyourself Feat D-Sisive (Prod By Moss
09. The Whole 9 (Prod By 9thuno)
10. Sleep (Prod By Marco Polo)
11. Letter P
12. The Machine (Prod By Beatwyze)
13. Press (Prod By Beatwyze)
14. Angst (Prod By Beatwyze)
15. Backbone
16. Bringin It Feats Shylow (Prod By 9thuno)
17. Paper Think Feat Tyranny
18. Get Your Mind Right (Prod By Arkeologists)
19. Priceless
20. For Free (Prod By Amir)
21. Monsters Ink Feat Tyranny (Prod By Arythmetic)
22. Outro

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