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Magnum Opus Records is proud to announce that Speaks For Itself hosted and mixed by DJ Shekeese the Beast (of Columbia's hottest radio station HOT 103.9) is available for free download!

To prepare for the release of Akshun's second album, Speaks For Itself is set to create the buzz of this up and coming South Carolina MC who blends reality rap with boom bap.

With the Mixtape available for free download, we at Magnum Opus Records hope that this will create a new standard of giving the people what they want and in return fans spread the word of the new crop of musicians residing in the Carolinas.

We encourage you to leave comments and what you love/hated about the Mixtape on either on the site or at Akshun's myspace page. Thanks for listening!!

1. Speaks For Itself (prod. by Dskillz)
2. The Emperor (prod. by LRHook)
3. Life We Live (prod. by C Royal)
4. Napoleon Mindstate (prod. by DJ Ambush)
5. Breathe Easy feat. Cajwell (prod. by Jah Freedom)
6. Eagle Eye (prod. by LRHook)
7. Buy No Bitch (prod. by Midi Marc)
8. We Are feat. Dan Johns (prod. by LRHook)
9. Jewels (Freestyle)
10. 100% (prod. by LRHook)
11. Watch Her (prod. by Dskillz)
12. You Don't Know Me (prod. by DOX)
13. I Can't Help It (prod. by Dskillz)
14. 4 Worlds feat. Dan Johns, Lou Hall & Cajwell
15. Getting It (prod. by K-Hill)
16. Square One (prod. by DOX)
17. Year Reflection (prod. by Origmoz)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic (DJ Version)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic (Non-DJ Version)

NOTE: The non-DJ Version seems to be missing tracks 9 & 13, but you do get a bunch of extra tracks that Akshun threw on there from his Myspace page so it's not all bad!