01. Pai Mei’s Lessons
02. Falling From Hands Of Gods feat. Cosmic Crusader (Prod. by Bronze Nazareth)
03. Crippled Beggas feat. Begg Ooh, Long Ace & Dragon Fly
04. Street Rings feat. Darkim Be Allah, Crucial The Guillotine & Tragic Allies
05. Training Sequence (Interlude)
06. Ginsu Karate’
07. Crazy Horsemen Of The Apocalypse feat. L.C.O.B & Tragic Allies
08. Hymns Of A Ghostly Priest feat. Lotus Clan D.K.G.A
09. Formless Kung Fu
10. Paper Crane Technique feat. Seraph Guard
11. Shadow Portraits feat. Loke & Morning Star
12. Foundation
13. Pathways feat. The Wisemen,Crucial The Guillotine,Rasulallah & Rich Raw
14. The Rain Marker
15. Water Spike feat. Lotus Clan D.K.G.A
16. Interlude
17. Seventh Crown Chamber
18. Wandering Ghost feat. Lotus Clan D.K.G.A
19. The Sleeping Fist feat. Sleep Sinatra, Killer Falcon, Nova Kane & Seraph Guard
20. Windbreaker
21. Moon Flowers In The Attic feat.Eridanus + Dart Landscape feat. L.C.O.B. (Bonus Track)

I've been waitin' patiently for this one and now I finally got my hands on it, I wanna share it with you guys out there, make sure you check out one of the most slept on gems of 2008, partly due to the fact that it's was only and still is only available from his MySpace page. This doesn't have an official release date as yet, but look for it to make an appearance on itunes real soon. If you already peeped Lotus Society Vol. 1 & 2 then you know what to expect... this is one serious album and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has love for that "Wu" sound of old!

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