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A-Side's own DJ Graffiti Presents: Astronote - Bigger & Better (The Notorious Remixes), hosted by Talib Kweli.

I've got the first two leaks from this mixtape that will drop for free download at 3:09am on Monday, Jan 19th at These joints are so dope, feature exclusive new verses from Talib Kweli & Buff1, and are just in time to accompany the release of the film NOTORIOUS. Download this ish and go see the movie!

I leave you with a word from DJ Graffiti:
"I already know you're skeptical. I was too, and I manage Astronote! Think of one thing and then thank me after you listen to the remixes. This mix is hosted by Talib Kweli, one of Brooklyn's finest. Would he jeopardize his career by attaching his name to some subpar Biggie remixes? Hell, would I jeopardize my almost career for the same reason? haha Astronote is the truth. Don't sleep!"

Listen/Download: Notorious B.I.G. feat. Talib Kweli - Young G's (Astronote Rmx)
Listen/Download: Notorious B.I.G. feat. Buff1 - Niggas (Astronote Rmx)

Visit on the Jan 19th to download the whole album!
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