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"Fully two years in the making, the P Brothers finally release their highly anticipated first LP. Unlike previous attempts at trans-Atlantic collaborations by other producers, 'The Gas' is no "rent-any-rapper" affair. Widely known for their uncompromising high standards in producing authentic - but never retro - hip hop music, the P Brothers also make no secret that they are choosy with whom they collaborate. 'The Gas' is no exception, marrying timeless and complex sample-based production and trademark superheavyweight beats with the true cream of New York MCs, such as Boss Money, Milano, Res Connected, Roc Marciano, Smiley, and Samhill.

01. Gas Alert [00:13]
02. Cold World (Ft. Boss Money) [04:11]
03. Late Night (Ft. Milano) [03:14]
04. Outta Control (Ft. Roc Marciano) [03:58]
05. Got It On Me (Ft. Milano) [04:03]
06. Emptiness [00:29]
07. New Religion (Ft. Boss Money) [03:03]
08. Digital B-Boy (Ft. Milano) [03:41]
09. Caviar (Ft. Roc Marciano) [03:25]
10. Blam Blam For Nottingham (Ft. Boss Money) [04:13]
11. Shoot ‘Em Down (Ft. Res Connected) [02:59]
12. In A Zone (Ft. Milano) [03:47]
13. Boss Money Gangsters (Ft. Boss Money) [03:47]
14. Don’t Question Me (Ft. $amhill) [05:43]
15. Spirit [00:40]

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"Digital B-Boy" feat. Milano