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Originally from Baltimore, San Diego rapper, poet, mc, Blame One is no new jack. Since 9 this cat has been not only rappen and making songs but in his early age you could find him on stage. He was one of those young prodigy rappers you would see at a show and you would be like " Dam that little white kid is rippen!" Yup this cat was not even a teenager before he shared the stage with the likes of west coast legend King Tee. After recording different demos and songs over tape loops and what not blame formed a group with childhood friend Deja Vu and formed the group Mysteries Extinction. Deja was cousins with another slept on mc, Gods Gift and they began making music together with then Loot Pack member Kan KIck. One of Blames earlier songs was even produced by Madlib, (without his knowledge but recorded by OH NO like in 94.) Moving on to 95-96 you could catch Blame making songs with the likes of Emanons Exile and Aloe Blacc to now makin songs with Mainflow and Johaz.

After all this work you may be asking, why have i never heard of this dude? Well for one if you really do something for love as Blame does, then love is all the payment you need. Blame is a real humble cat and he humbly was satisfied with just doing local shows and selling stuff to cats face to face. Also people are just not checkin for cats in San Diego as they should be. But now with help of long time friend Exile the two have formed an album that can not be held back by where your from but can only be held up in acclaim by where one's at! With production from Exile, Kan Kick, Black MIlk, OH NO, Blu, and features from Sean P to Aloe Blacc, this album is not one to sleep on.

With over 19 years of rappin Blame is an OG in the game wheather you heard of him or not and now is his time to shine. So humbly open your minds, ears and hearts for this new album Days Chasing Days when it drops on March 31st!!!

01. Supreme Beings prod. Black Sparx
02. Perseverance prod. Black Milk
03. Street Astrologist prod. Exile
04. Bring to You prod. Kan Kick
05. Wonder Years ft. Blu and Exile prod. Blu
06. Disturbed ft. Sean Price prod. Exile
07. Days Chasing Days ft. Aloe Blacc and Beleaf prod. Exile
08. Saturday Night Special prod. Exile
09. The Word to Say
10. Official With It prod. Black Sparx
11. The Real Revolution prod. Archives
12. Words prod. OH NO
13. More Fiyah ft. Johaz and Coss prod. G Rocka
14. Blame Me prod. Rath Kye
15. Documentarian prod. Exile
16. Spellcasting (bonus) prod. Kan Kick

This album is gonna be bananas!!!

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