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Tired of hearing that new Kylie record for the millionth time? Are you slowly edging toward suicide through seeing too many skinny jeaned indie kids? It's time for you to re-evaluate your musical relationship and take a serious look into 'The Divorce'. Understandably, this will be a tough time for you. So to make the transition as painless as possible, we have trained musical practitioner, Dagha, at your service. Having cut his teeth on the stages of the world with Lewis Recordings legend Edan and appearing on his best selling album 'Beauty and The Beat', Dagha released his debut album 'Object In Motion' to critical acclaim. Hip-Hop Connection Magazine awarded it a 5-star review and Elemental heralded the emcee 'as sharp as his moniker'. His latest release raises the bar even further. Big drums, bigger samples and a tongue in cheek outlook on many of our daily gripes. It is through surviving a tortuous divorce that our hero Dagha can hold your hand through your musical tribulations. A more clich├ęd press release would call “The Divorce” an honest, human and refreshing release. A more honest, human and refreshing press release would call the album dope, banging and enjoyable throughout.

01. The Setting
02. Devil's Work
03. Changed Locks
04. My Luck
05. Cliche
06. Playhouse
07. Monogamy
08. A Man's Question
09. She Left
10. Whatever It May Be
11. Try
12. What I'mma Do?
13. Scat
14. Ashy Knees Outro

Yes people, 2008 is over but we are still finding gems that have been slept on and this album is no exception. A concept album based on Dagha's divorce, this is an emotional ride through what one man goes through during this difficult time. Whether you're in a relationship, been divorced etc... you'll be able to relate, even if you haven't had similar experiences to Dagha you can still be rest assured that you'll be witnessing a very dope album indeed... beats, rhymes, it's all here, make sure you take the time to check this one out!

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