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Whats good? the name's Elaquent, and im a hiphop beatmaker, Sega fanboy and kung fu movie buff...representing the Gill Breathin family...but most dudes call me eQ for short..

First and foremost, I'm a fan of hiphop music and hiphop culture...been doin this thang here for 8 years...damn, wheres the time gone...and i love what i do. I dont care to become the next Just Blaze...if it happens, thats great...but im having a blast just making beats....what equipment i use to make beats is long as it bangs....i love the dirty lofi vibe...i love clean shit too, but dirtiness is where its at...if you're lookin for that jiggy shit...or something more pleasing to commercial radio....look shit appeals more to the open mind and open ears...since i started doin the myspace thing, ive learned a lot, and cats have showed me lots of love from all over the globe, especially Europe....appreciate it all...peace to everybody holdin me down in small ass Guelph...peace to everybody holdin me down in the Tdot and the rest of Canada...peace to everybody holdin me down in the US....peace to all my peoples holdin me down in the UK....Germany...France...Japan...Chile....or wherever it is ur from...if u've ever taken the time to hit the play button, i appreciate it.

01. After Midnight
02. The Love
03. All For One ft Mishoo the Drumkit
04. Daylight Savings (Interlude)
05. Tip Toes
06. Too Good (One for Isaac)
07. 2 AM Reflections ft Moka Only & Es
08. Gobstopper
09. Mystery
10. Peanut Butter
11. Take it Higher (Remix) ft Tha Connection
12. Graffiti High
13. Theory in Practice ft O-Phrap
14. High Score (Interlude)
15. 12 O’Clock ft Thesaurus Rex
16. Stars Aligned
17. Sleep Walking
18. Higher Level ft Es & Solar C

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