The Misanthropist is a hip hop producer from Stockholm, Sweden. Stocklyn Retrospective is his debut album featuring artists such as Royce da 5'9, Masta Ace, Termanology, Trife da God, Tame One, Pumpkinhead, Mr Metaphor and many more.

The Misanthropist's sound is rough and features a lot of chopped up samples and straight drums, very much inspired by how hip hop was made in New York in the mid 90's. Big influences are DJ Premier, RZA, J-Zone, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock and Madlib to name a few.

01. Stocklyn Retrospective
02. In Motion (feat. Theory Hazit)
03. Fuck Yeah (feat. RootPeople)
04. Losing My Mind (feat. Masta Ace, Kashal-Tee & Krylon)
05. It's A Shame (feat. Caribinghi & Prop Dylan)
06. Shine (feat. NBS)
07. Mr. Kaplan (feat. Trainspotters)
08. Believe It (feat. Waterpower)
09. 10 Little MC's (feat. Obnoxiuz)
10. Keep It Coming (feat. Tame One)
11. Urban Scholars (feat. Prop Dylan, Trife Da God & Termanology)
12. Drugdealers (feat. Lyrical High, Blackfist & Kakhi)
13. Fall Back (feat. Mr. Metaphor, Prop Dylan & Pure P)
14. Vanquish (feat. Royce Da 5'9", Pumpkinhead & Kashal-Tee)

Another stand out album from yet another Swedish producer. This didn't hype me up as much as the albums by Soul Supreme & Sentence did but rest assured you'll definiely find more than a few tracks on here that you'll be feelin, dude got some big name underground guests on there to so it's definiely worth a look.. do I recommend it... yep!

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"Losing My Mind" feat. Masta Ace, Kashal-Tee & Krylon