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Spark the Underground is the debut album from the multi-talented production team THE E.N.D. Consistent from beginning to end, Spark the Underground is filled with quality Hip-Hop music that is sure to get your head nodding. Providing the lyrical punch is a collection of Southern California's top underground talent.

With influences ranging from J. Dilla, Pete Rock and DJ Premier to Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals THE E.N.D. take pride in their ability to create a wide range of moods with their music. From one song to the next THE E.N.D. provide a sound that’s new and refreshing, a sound that attempts to raise the level of Hip-Hop.

01. So Proceed (Ft. Elokwent & Magnificent)
02. Five Bucks (Ft. Thelostart Of Technicali Sound)
03. How It Plays Out (Ft. Sophistic & Syntax Of Speach Impediments)
04. Fiend (Ft. Toussaint)
05. Hey Gurl (Ft. Elokwent)
06. I Come Real (Ft. Chuck Dimes, Kant Ghit Right & Am One)
07. Lone Wolf (Ft. Sophistic & Awdbawl Of Second Thought)
08. Revamp (Ft. Zaire Black)
09. No Hook (Ft. Sophistic, Elokwent & Magnificent)
10. Erase The Tears (Ft. BYG)
11. It’s Official (Ft. Young Jay)
12. Spark The Underground (Ft. Tate The Great)

Some nice soulful hip hop here, definitely worth checkin out!

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