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A compilation that features 14 tracks of hard-to-find and unreleased songs that I produced pre-Panacea, so basically all the music you hear in this digi-release was done between 2001- 2004. Features on this project include fellow DC artist/long-time collaborator Wes Felton, slept on noo-jazz enthusiast Bilal Salaam, and my spacey homie from the Bay, Malcolm Marshall. For those who wanna hear the stuff I was doing before I linked with Raw Poetic and RPM, this is it… BTW- M.A.W.S.L.O.T. was the alias I used before I realized my real name was cool enough to roll with as an artist/producer, hence the title.

1. Blah! (K-Murdock Remix) – Bilal Salaam feat. Luke Brown
2. Infinite Possibilities – Wes Felton feat. Quatermaine
3. Dirty Guitar – Malcolm Marshall
4. Extensions of a Man – Bilal Salaam
5. Bare Necessities – Wes Felton
6. The Truth – Malcolm Marshall feat. Raheem Devaughn
7. Street Anthem – Bilal Salaam feat. Omar Retnuh
8. Queasy – Wes Felton feat. The Low Budget "Fantastic 4" (Oddisee, Quatermaine, Grap Luva & Dj Marshall Law)
9. Another Blackstarline – Bilal Salaam
10. Soul 2 Soul – Wes Felton
11. Tym 2 Fall – Malcolm Marshall feat. "Funky" Chuck
12. Rhythm of Love – Wes Felton feat. LuLu
13. Ova – Bilal Salaam
14. Home – Wes Felton feat. K'Alyn

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