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This Video is Dedicated to the New President. It was Shot the day of the election in Chicago by Todd Strickland. After capturing unique footage in Chicago, Compton, Kumasi's home town, Portland Oregan, Los Angeles, D.C. and Baltimore were the next stops. It features Raheem DeVaughn, the best poet in the world Malik Yusef and GLC, both from Kanye's G.O.O.D Music label. Poet J. Ivy, Chyno on the vocals, Kumasi as the lyracist, the last mayor of Compton, Omar Bradley. The top high school basketball team in the Nation (Jefferson High School) Coached by former Oregan State star point gaurd Pat Strickland. Charles, Veronica, and Shalonda Shannon. Students of John Muir, where Kumasi was a Special Educations teacher of Math, English and Reading before becoming Black Wall Street's new conscious artist.