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The new album "Moods & Moments" by producer/beatmaker Sentense based in Stockholm, Sweden features the likes of Supastition aka Kam Moye, Reks, Donny Goines, Fabnickel and more. The album will showcase the soulful production of Sentense combined with thoughtful stories, feelings and tales of life situations by the featured mc's involved in the project.

This "producer compilation album" might stand out since it's not just random rhymes over beats, but every track has a different topic ranging from drugs, love, friends, good days, bad habits and other subjects that apply to individuals with abilty to reflect on life in general.

1. Moods & Moments Intro
2. The Last Laugh feat. Prop Dylan & Supastition
3. Falling Apart feat. Alex Chadwick (of 3rd Brillyance)
4. Who It Is feat. Fabnickel
5. Inner Demons feat. Reks & Why-D
6. Better Dayz feat. Wildelux
7. Consolidate feat. Theo3
8. Because I Love You feat. Ill Poetix
9. Taken In Vein feat. D-Strong & Eneeone
10. The Golden Era feat. Donny Goines, Arablak & Nicolas
11. Rutinlös feat. Majistern & Esteban Globe
12. Seekers feat. Planetary Crisis
13. To The Stars & Back feat. Dison The Dice
14. Last Days Of Summer feat. Black Fist, Kashal-Tee & Trees

Thought I'd re-up this dope compilation as some of you might've have let this one pass you by!