Pop in that eight track and break out those platform 'cause it's about to go down! INEBRIATED RHYTHM in association with GRIT RECORDS proudly present their debut release, THE SATURDAY NITE AGENDA by cinematic producer Soul Supreme. This unique concept record captures the essence of 70's soul cinema and combines it with today's raw lyricism from the dopest emcee's of the old and new school alike. Envision the soundtrack of your favorite jive-talking action hero fused with today's hip-hop creativity. The outcome is nothing short of Dyn-o-mite. The album features notable hip-hop legends such as KRS-ONE, BIG DADDY KANE, PETE ROCK, AG (D.I.T.C), OC, PLANET ASIA, RASCO & DJ Revolution along with prominent emerging stars of tomorrow. This is album stayed under the radar for most of 2003 until emerging beatsmith Soul Supreme started receiving praises for an album mostly containing material he did when he was only 17. No longer a secret, but still an enigma Soul Supreme lays down soulful grooves long before sped up samples became the norm. So what's on your agenda for Saturday Nite? All you jive hustlers and stone cold foxes know what I mean when I say something BIG is about to go down! INEBRIATED RHYTHM is taking you back to the old school on this Saturday Nite. Stickin' it to the man worldwide since 2003.

1. Future Flavas - A.G. feat. Party Arty & Dezmontero
2. The Message -KRS-One feat. Shuman
3. Respect Life feat. The Electric Co.
4. All In Together feat. L Da Headtoucha
5. Hardcore Shit - Planet Asia & Rasco feat. An Ion: The Transition
6. Still Searchin' feat. Reks & Noel
7. Queen (Hip Hop) feat. Pete Rock, A.G. & T-Max
8. Come Get It - Big Daddy Kane feat. Checkmark & DJ Revolution
9. The Need (I Need You) feat. L Da Headtoucha
10. Worst Nighmare - O.C. feat. Kai
11. Security feat. Shuman
12. TSNA (The Saturday Nite Agenda) feat. A.G.
13. Regardless feat. Wordsworth, Moe from Mission & Illin' P (Bonus)

Yo, this compilation right here is a straight fiyah!!! I Can't believe I slept on this dude. If you've been enjoying the sounds of another up-coming producer from Sweden called "Sentense" then make sure you check out this ill producer, also from Sweden. The beats are nothing short of amazing, especially considering this came out in '03. He makes the kind of soulful boom bap beats that people would be used to hearing more recently. This dude might've even laid down the blueprint for that particular sound, no word of a lie! Make sure you pop this in ya trunk and bump it hard. Banging beats ahead of it's time (remember this is '03) and guest spots from some legendary MC's including KRS-One, O.C, Wordsworth, A.G., Big Daddy Kane, Planet Asia & more, you'd be crazy to sleep on this classic gem!