Chief Kamachi has been doing his thing for some time now and since 1998 has been featured on more than 16 singles, but with still no full-length to his credit. Since the day when the Mic Messiah gained acclaim for contributions to The Army of the Pharaohs’ single to the present, he’s accumulated quite an underground following thus there is no more perfect name for his debut album than Cult Status. Kamach pairs up with Mr. Eon (”What You Doin”), Gang Starr’s Guru (on the single “The Best”) and JuJu Mob affiliates Charon Don, Reef the Lost Cauze, and State Store. The album boasts hardcore street bangers that would out-grime and bounce past some of the dirtiest joints. It’s no wonder being that the sonic bumps are via State Property’s S.Dot, Mighty Mi (High and Mighty), E Dan (Strict Flow) and DJ Kwestion. Cult Status is definitely a fine package of Philly’s paramount artists.

01. 1st Lecture
02. Show Me Proof
03. Edge
04. This Man
05. The Best feat. Guru
06. Queen
07. Time Out
08. Liberated Wax
09. Peddlin’ Music feat. Charon Don
10. Hating on My Halo feat. Mr. Eon & State Store
11. What You Doin’
12. #13
13. Still Searching

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