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What’s good fam? Finally found some time to up another post in here and bring you back the real 90’s flava.

This fine record is titled “the sound – chapter 1” and was released back in 1998 on the small indie-label Taylor Records. On the wax you gonna find two damn smooth tracks that are “action for real” performed by E from AK, UG (Cella Dwellas) and Ny-Gel Mak.
The b-sider is titled “stress” and has emcee Deadwate on the mic. From all those emcees UG of the Dwellas is certainly the most popular. Then you got Deadwate who also dropped some other 12”s as well but those other 2 catz are definitely unknown to me.
Production was done by DJ Ritz (neva heard of before), Michelob (did great production’s e.g. for Shamus, Cover, Funkdoobiest etc.) and UG himself.

Well, grab that stuff if u dunno so far – shit is really dope and will letcha relax after a hard days work or whenever you think you need some chilled tunes….

Peace; ral278

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