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D.Julien was born in Brooklyn, New York. He's an artist that got into Hip Hop at a young age. He thrives on being viewed as original, not cliche so to speak and a great lyricist. Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, he's been through his share of battles. He realized in 2004 that it was time to create music. He knew at an early age he'd have to take a different approach with his music. "I just want to be viewed as a very eclectic artist and I don't want my style to be compared to anyone elses." says D.Julien. This mentality allows him to make unique music as he still maintains that New York demeanor.

"I'm a fan of all types of music. I honestly listen to every genre of music and try to incorporate some of that in my music in attempts to broaden my fan base". This shows that D.Julien is listening and has studied various forms of music. By doing that, he has incorporated what he's learned and saw from previous artists and tried to mix that with his style to create music of the future. D.Julien is a lyricist/poet that makes music for the masses. His ideas/concepts are way beyond his age. He understood that being a young artist, he'd have to show people that he was worth listening to and he would be the face of music for years to come.

His first solo mixtape, "Let Me Introduce Myself" got him a lot of buzz. Download it in the blog section of the myspace page. His new project, "The Experiment" is now out. It's even better than the first one as was highly anticipated. Check it out!!

His music ranges anywhere from political issues to his personal experiences which gives us authentic music to listen to. "I think a lot of artists are scared to think outside of the box. The artists that are cliche and fail to challenge their minds to make more creative and enjoyable music for the masses are the artists that will not be successful when hip hop starts to evolve more rapidly. Hip Hop is a movement. Rap as a genre of music is part of that movement. Other music such as House, Techno, Rock, etc. are now being accepted into the Hip Hop movement. So as an artist, to maximize your fan base you have to be creative and embody some of these genres of music and be different." says D.Julien. He has a great understanding of music currently and for music of the future.

D.Julien's style attracts fans from all over the world. D.Julien worked hard to make his mixtape to not just meet his own personal standards but to surpass the expectations of his fans all over.

Tracklist & download link after the jump!

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