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Recorded during his recovery from life threatening brain surgery, Elemental Zazen's new album The Glass Should Be Full narrates the fear, hope and anger of a disillusioned revolutionary struggling against both political injustice and personal tribulations.

Since 2005, Elemental Zazen has shared the live stage with the likes of Immortal Technique, Kool Keith, Mr. Lif, Ill Bill, Boot Camp Clik, Murs, Cage, Cunninlynguists, Wise Intelligent, Roc Raida (X-Ecutioners), Masta Ace, Akrobatik, Yak Ballz, Q-Unique, Bigg Jus (Company Flow), Louis Logic, Tonedeff, Ed OG, Termanology and many, many more.

Featuring explosive beats from Kno (Cunninlynguists), Joe Beats (Non-Prophets), Maker (Glue) and Gnotes, The Glass Should Be Full ranges from riotous fist-pumping anthems to subtle, reflective rhythms layered with live instrumentation.

Raised in Al Taif (Saudi Arabia) and Beijing (China), now based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Elemental Zazen rhymes about global conflicts and personal demons with honest grit, athletic agility and an urgent passion for change.

01. Silence Of The Now (Produced By: Confidence; J. Ferra)
02. Disappear (Produced By: Maker)
03. Handcuffs (Produced By: Confidence; J. Ferra)
04. No Survivors (Produced By: Kno)
05. Machine (Produced By: Elemental Zazen)
06. Break (Produced By: Scroll)
07. Dying Planet (Produced By: Gnotes)
08. Don't Front (Produced By: Joe Beats)
09. Hanging By A Thread (Produced By: Kno)
10. Your Love Is Fate (Produced By: Joe Beats)
11. Life Is Priceless (Produced By: J. Ferra)

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