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Endemic is a hip hop producer from Nottingham, UK. He was born in 1979 in South London where he grew up until his early teens. As a producer, he works with US underground hip hop legends and with up and coming UK and European artists, producing high quality tracks. Early to mid nineties sound from New York, and more specifically the wu tang & boot camp clik groups, have strongly influenced Endemic’s style.

Endemic presents No Cure Mixtape vol. 1 which previews his debut LP "Terminal Illness". The album is coming on No Cure Records (UK & Europe) & EMI Records (USA & Canada) on March 24th, 2009.

Endemic has earned production features on indie LP's from both sides of the Atlantic, also producing a number of tracks on J-Ronin's All Elements mixtape series in NYC. On this mixtape he presents tracks with US underground hip hop legends and up & coming UK artists. This tape is mixed and cut by DJ Squigz (ohmygosh) and hosted by Brooklyn DJ J-Ronin.

The mixtape features exclusive tracks from the likes of Sean Price, Ruste Juxx, Timbo King, Planet Asia, Melanin 9, Cappo & Bronze Nazareth. Endemic provides eight of his productions to this mixtape including an exclusive cut from his forthcoming LP.

With 21 tracks of superb MCing & production, skillful cuts & mixing this mixtape flows impeccably from start to end.

01. Intro – feat. J-Ronin
02. Comin To Kill - Sean price, Ruste Juxx & Sav Killz (prod. Endemic) (Terminal Illness LP exclusive)
03. Buddha monk freestyle (prod. Endemic)
04. timbo king freestyle (prod. Endemic)
05. M9ine freestyle
06. eMC feat. Sean Price
07. Masikah freestyle
08. Planet Asia – That's What It Is
09. Ruste Juxx – The Ghetto
10. Brooklyn Zu – Do It For
11. Cappo – Needle Drop (prod. Endemic)
12. Bronze Nazareth, Leech & Timbo King – Magnolia
13. AZA instrumental
14. Sima Lee – Never Safe (prod. Endemic)
15. Endemic instrumental feat. DJ Squigz
16. Anger – Sav Killz (prod. Endemic)
17. Triple Darkness – Politikin
18. Boulevard Article – Kevlaar 7
19. Hell Razah & Shabazz The Disciple (T.H.U.G. Anglez) – Welcome To Red Hook Houses
20. GZA - Alphabets
21. Outro (prod. Endemic)

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