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Never heard of these guys? You may recognize them as 4 of the 13 MC's on the L.O.N.S posse-cut, "Spontaneous." This crew bares a striking, but grittier resembalance to the Leaders of the New School.

It's one of those NY albums that showed up and then dissapeared...and nobody seemed to notice. However, the album is decent. There's nothing that really stands out on this LP, but overall the sound is pure gritty, early 90's NY, so any fan of that will appreciate this.

01. What Is a Rumpletilskinz
02. Attitudes
03. Hudz
04. Mad M.F.'s
05. I-N-I
06. Sweet Therapy
07. Snikslitelpmur
08. Earthquake
09. Mushroom Talk
10. Is It Alright
11. Theramixx
12. Dascumin
13. Hi Volume

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