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Boston-based rapper MC Exposition teams up with production duo The D-Boyz on his solo debut. Blending live instruments with hard beats and conscious lyrics, this hip-hop "concept album" follows Expo through A Day in the Life of an everyday Urbanite, riding on the train. Dealing with social issues such as poverty, war, and the injustices in the world caused by greedy politicians and bigots, "The Metro" is something that anyone familiar with the true nature of Hip-hop and it's message can enjoy. Fake cats need not apply.

01. DJ Mutt Intro
02. The Movement
03. My Story
04. Stomp Feet Get Up
05. Babylon Come (feat. Toussaint of Red Pill)
06. Even Though
07. Man
08. Weapons of Mass Distraction
09. Down With Us (interlude)
10. Sketches of Pain
11. Viva!
12. 50 Million Pictures
13. Let’s Build (feat. Speks, Jake the Snake, Prone 2, Witty Wiz)
14. It’s All Over
15. Real Radio
16. 12:30 Train (outro)

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