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Take A Penny Leave A Penny is the new solo record from MC Exposition of Audible Mainframe.

At this point there’s no contest, Exposition is one of hip-hop's superlative front man. While his live band ,Audible Mainframe, snatched the “Best Live Band” award at the 2006 Boston Hip-Hop Awards, he took home the trophy for “Best Underground Artist.” The polls are in. The people have spoken.

Yes – there are a lot of underground rappers. And sure – many of them flood their rhymes with anti-establishment riot baiting. But few of them have the natural rhythm or highly accessible lyrics that Exposition packs into each verse, effectively luring you toward his cause and emotion.

01. The Beat Goes On
02. Oh My Lord feat. Lee Wilson
03. Just Another Song About A Girl
04. Fooled You Again feat. Loose Notes
05. Take A Penny
06. Leave A Penny
07. Revez Du Monde Avec L’Amour
08. Hang The Dj feat. Noni Kai
09. Words Like Synthesizers
10. The Kids Are Not Alright feat. Slaine and Virtuoso
11. The Doomsday Machine
12. Lost Generation feat. Audible Mainframe
13. American Me
14. 3 Head Thoroughbred feat. Jake The Snake and Prone2
15. How They Used To

Jacked these Expo links from HHB coz it's too much of a pain to upload myself so enjoy these two dope albums by this dope MC. This album features two Boston heavyweights in Slaine & Virtuoso... don't sleep!

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