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GZA/GENIUS is one of the most renowned hip-hop emcees of all time. An original member of the legendary Wu-Tang-Clan, GZA has established himself as a perennial force in hip-hop having amassed sales of over 1.5 million units in his 13+year solo career. Recently, GZAs contributions have driven the success of the 2008 Wu-Tang-Clan reunion album 8 Diagrams as well as two of independent hip-hop's flagship releases (Think Differently music: Wu-Tang Meets the indie culture, and Dj Muggz/GZA collaboration Grandmasters) both scanning 60,000+ units to date. Pro Tools was critically acclaimed as GZAs best work in years and was one of the top selling independent hip-hop albums of 2008. Now, GZAs fifth solo album Pro Tools is finally in an instrumental only configuration.

01. Intromental (Produced By: Dreddy Kruger)
02. Pencil (Produced By: Mathematics)
03. Alphabets (Produced By: True Master)
04. Groundbreaking (Produced By: Bronze Nazareth)
05. 7 Pounds (Produced By: Black Milk; Preservation)
06. 0 % Finance (Produced By: Jose 'Choco' Reynoso)
07. Short Race (Produced By: Arabian Knight)
08. Paper Plate (Produced By: Rza)
09. Columbian Ties (Produced By: Bronze Nazareth)
10. Firehouse (Produced By: Rock Marcy)
11. Path Of Destruction (Produced By: Jay Waxx Garfield)
12. Cinema (Produced By: Arabian Knight)
13. Intermission (Drive In Movie)
14. Life Is A Movie (Produced By: Rza)

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