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The underground hip-hop group Missin' Linx is led by Al Tariq (formerly the Beatnuts' Fashion) and also includes Linx, Black Attack, and Problemz, among its core ranks. Their debut EP, Exhibit A, also featured appearances from Freddie Foxx, and the Beatnuts' JuJu, among others.

01. What It Is (Prod. by Necro)
02. Ain't Nothin' (Prod. by Adam 12)
03. Hotness feat. JuJu (Prod. by DJ EMZ)
04. Family Ties feat. Freddie Foxxx (Prod. by The Alchemist)
05. That's That (Prod. by DJ EMZ)
06. M.I.A. (Prod. by V.I.C.)

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