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“I hate to call it a mixtape – that term has been cheapened,” said Kno of Strange Journey. “And it’s all original stuff… We’re not rappin’ over ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’ two years later. It’s not that… I don’t even really pitch to people that don’t wanna listen to our music [why they should buy it], ‘cause they’re gonna download it for free anyway. So I fully invite them to download it for free. Anybody who wants to hear it, I want them to download it. It’s all good. But as far as [a] sales pitch [for] the people who really wanna support CunninLynguists monetarily and the people who enjoy our music, it’s mad cheap and I stand by everything that’s on it. It’s real good music… And I think people when they’re broke, and they’re worried about their job, they need good music to pick ‘em up.”

Recession-priced at $12 (which includes shipping costs), those that place their advance order by Monday will receive for their dozen dollars an autographed copy of SJV1, bonus album instrumentals, and have all in hand several weeks before the official retail release of the CD on May 26th. Appearances on the album come from the group’s QN5 fam (Tonedeff, Substantial, PackFM), as well as Slug of Atmosphere, who surfaces for the lament on being away from home during long tour trips, “Don’t Leave (When Winter Comes)”. Former group member Mr. SOS is also back in the CunninLynguists mix for Strange Journey.

“He recorded a solo track,” Kno noted. “This track [“Die For You”] is entirely him, three verses. I mean, we never really stopped working with SOS. It’s just a matter of him getting material out. He has a lot of stuff just kinda sitting on the shelf waiting to be released.”

Although their outside-the-group production plate is apparently always full, Kno and Deacon continue to keep the focus, along with Natti, on CunninLynguists’ music. The trio are already planning to unleash the second installment of Strange Journey in September to coincide with the group’s North American tour.

A grimier counterpart to its predecessor, Strange Journey Volume Two assembles an assortment of underground Hip Hop luminaries, including Sean Price and Poison Pen (who appear on the concept record about how no matter your locale you can get attacked and jacked, “Streets”), J-Zone, Bronze Nazareth, Guilty Simpson, and many more.

And after the two volumes of Strange Journey have reached the satisfied masses, CunninLynguists will unveil two more offerings for fans of that southern fried soulness.

“We’re working on an EP, and we’re working on a new studio album,” Kno revealed of the group’s planned 2010 releases. “We don’t have a title [for either] yet. But both of the records are concept records, and they kinda run into each other…We never stop working. This is a recession, [and] you’re gonna get fired if you stop.”

Strange Journey Volume One is due May 26 from Bad Taste Records.

Strange Journey Volume Two will be released 09.08.09 and features appearances by Sean Price, Poison Pen, J-Zone, Blue Sky Black Death, Bronze Nazareth and more!

Pre-Order Volume One now and receive your ADVANCED autographed copy with bonus sticker and instrumentals a full 4-6 weeks before it’s available in stores!