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Once again emcee/producer Esoteric stays on the sharpest side of the cutting edge of independent Hip Hop. With his recent genre-bending efforts such as Egoclapper, Esoteric vs. Gary Numan, Pterodactyl Takes Tokyo, absorbing death threats with the East Coast Avengers' Prison Planet and the birth of his first child, the Eso-Pterodactyl took some time off from the vocal booth to put together his first official instrumental opus. These are NOT beats used on other albums and lazily rounded up for a quick release to exploit fans, but rather all original production that takes the listener through a sound track that could have escaped from the Jack Kirby sketched pages of a silver age comic...hence the title and cover once again, sit back, relax, and enjoy as Serve Or Suffer showcases Esoteric as one of the most prolific and revered producers/artists in the genre today.

01. Yellow Beat 1:31
02. Shay’s Rebellion 3:26
03. Shalla Bal 1:56
04. Moogie Howser, MC 2:55
05. 1989 3:24
06. Whole House Freeze 3:18
07. Hal Jordan 1:47
08. Swords To A Fistfight 3:30
09. Let The Leo Out 2:35
10. Steve Rogers 2:02
11. Silence Is Golden 2:16
12. Swing It Baby 3:12
13. Goblin’s Horse Tranquilizer 1:33
14. Hero’s Plight 2:19
15. Hot Punk 3:24
16. Galactus Trilogy 2:48
17. Vermont For Nothing 3:26
18. Basement Bw Comics 2:35
19. Go Ask Malice 1:36
20. Time Is Running Out 1:51
21. One Day As A Ryan 10.04.08 1:16
22. Milk, Milk 2:03
23. Boba Fett Thrills Me Still 1:44

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