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Going through withdrawal for some new Finale before the official debut album drops? No worries, we’ve got you covered. With a release date right around the corner, some artists would be celebrating, resting on their laurels even. For Finale, whose debut album, A Pipe Dream And A Promise, is being released April 7 via Interdependent Media, rest is not an option. Finale is staying hard at work in the studio, and instead of hogging all that good music for himself, he has released pre-album mixtape, T.I.M.E. (Think. Innovate. Move. Endure.) for free download.

The mixtape finds Finale at his best, giving fans a taste of the wide range of his artistic diversity. On the opening track, the soulful “Run It Back,” Finale wastes no time showing off his water-like flow and lyrics. Seeming to never run out of breath, Finale raps, “As I gather, replaying images and memories / I watch, and easily can see there’s not another spot I’d rather be / When I leave, I know we ain’t done/ And some of y’all act/ Like the city ain’t sitting on your back.” Elsewhere, on the track “Saturday,” Finale proves that his words flow off the tongue just as smoothly when spitting at a girl as when spitting at a foe. On “Jungle Music,” Finale takes listeners straight to a Detroit club with a double-time bounce and a double-time flow to match. Although short, with T.I.M.E. Finale gives fans free quality music to hold them over until the release of A Pipe Dream And A Promise.

01. Run It Back (Prod. by Rashid Hadee)
02. Ice (Prod. by DJ Final)
03. Mr. Cooper
04. Saturday (Prod. by Slimkat78)
05. Jungle Music (Prod. by Nick Tha 1da)
06. It's All Love (Prod. by Ghost)
07. Bad Newz (Prod. by Knowledge Beatz)
08. Patience
09. Bang Bang (Prod. by Apollo Brown)
10. Pick Up the Pieces
11. Go Blind
12. Life Goes On (Prod. by Djimon)
13. Late Night shift
14. Stress
15. Without You

Another TR Exclusive, enjoy and support! Don't forget to cop the dope album "A Pipe Dream & A Promise" released April 7th!!!

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