During M-Dot's time touring the Boston rap scene he met up with another local by the name of Grime who was part of the crew The Camp and after doing a couple of shows together it was finally figured out that they somehow lived on the same street and never even knew about it. So from that they decided they should do an album together and this was the final product. A soulful, gritty, boom-bap filled album with lyrics and stories of everyday life and struggle.

01. All I Have (Prod. by Kenshin)
02. Heartless (Prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
03. The Pick-Up (Prod. by Kenshin)
04. I Know You're Lying feat. XL (Prod. by Kenshin)
05. Break-In Records (Prod. by Kenshin)
06. Faith In You (Prod. by Shears)
07. Lonely Street feat. Alias & Revalation (Prod. by Kenshin)
08. On The Radio (Prod. by Grime Tha MC)
09. Let Me Love You (Prod. by Dailo)
10. Salute (Prod. by Kenshin)
11. Sometimes (Prod. by Rick Flare)
12. It's all True (Prod. by Shears)
13. Born Sinners (Prod. by Kore)
14. The Reprisal feat. Mayhem (Prod. by E. One)

Dope album, sent over by Rev of EMS Productions. Make sure y'all check it out and show support for these hard working artists. Boston stand up!!!

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