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WAKE UP! You are about to experience something out of this world people. Reef The Lost Cauze & King Magnetic join forces to put out one of the most chilling mixtapes of all time, King And The Cauze. This is just the start of a monstrous year for the Philly killer, as Reef preps a slew of projects that look very promising in 09. When it comes to pure, raw talent as an emcee, Reef might take the cake. With a few big pushes from the blogosphere, it is going to be very interesting to see how big of an impact Reef is going to make. You can also catch cats like Termanology, Brother Ali, Marco Polo, Astronote and more on here. Full album coming this summer!

01. Dre Boogs Intro
02. Crack A Bottle
03. Bangin’
04. Tearin’ Me Apart
05. Nothin’ (Feat. Block McCloud)
06. The Truth
07. Cold As Ice
08. Westside Story
09. Bangers
10. Hit’em Up!
11. Kiss The Curb
12. I Wonder
13. Big Deal Remix (Feat. Brother Ali)
14. Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth
15. Crumbs
16. King & The Cauze
17. Monster (Feat. Tug McGraw)
18. Thug Fantasy
19. Who Made The Rules (Feat. Edo G & Godilla)
20. Gone (Feat. Termanology)
21. Snowgoons (Feat. Adlib, Ali Armz & Godilla)
22. The Torch

Track 03 (Produced By Scanz)
Track 04 (Produced By J.J. Brown)
Track 05 (Produced By Misanthropist)
Track 10 (Produced By Astronote)
Track 12 (Produced By Marco Polo)
Track 13 (Produced By Eyego Direct)
Track 14 (Produced By King Magnetic)
Track 15 (Produced By King Magnetic)
Track 16 (Produced By Eyego Direct)
Track 17 (Produced By King Magnetic)
Track 18 (Produced By Eyego Direct)
Track 19 (Produced By King Magnetic)
Track 20 (Produced By Eyego Direct)
Track 21 (Produced By Snowgoons)
Track 22 (Produced By Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind)

Dope ass mixtape from two mighty rappers who get together to show the lethal chemistry between the two. Although it's a mixtape, you get a few original tracks here along with a couple new joints from their upcoming album. I've been bumpin this all week and I'll tell you what, it's better than some albums that have been coming out recently... yep, it's that good!

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