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Bringing you his debut Remix project on his new imprint Foresight Records, underground beatmaker BIG D O emerges with "The Tape". Tired of real Hip-Hop being ignored and mis-handled D O has set out to put his own unique stamp on the game and remind people of what used to be...and what still can...

"The Tape" is represenative of those glorious days of old when cassettes and vinyl dominated and good music was backed up by solid and conscious emceeing. Collecting a bevy of acapella's from the underground's most respected acts to remix, "The Tape" was a true labor of love and was recorded over the span of two years....Full of wonderful warmth, iventive samples, vinyl drum break gems and designed to mimic what a cassette would
sound like, D O takes you on a wonderful Lo-fi journey into what he deems "real music for real music lovers".

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