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Once every great while elements from the cosmos align to produce something very amazing. So pure and unique, with the sole purpose to balance the universe when negativity takes its reign. The Vultures are that positive force.

Tyrannical rhyme sayers bless extraordinarily rugged beats to restore the essence to the culture that is Hip Hop. The Vultures feast from the rotting dead. When the foul stench of death lingers in the air, The Vultures arrive on site for the dirty work, reinstating balance while playing a vital role in Hip Hop's eco-system.

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, The Vultures are a collective of many MCs, 1 DJ, and 1 producer, embodying complete 360 degrees of a Hip Hop recording group. Whether it's Destroyer's tounge twisting verbal attack, the lethality of Ruin's assassin wordplay, or 7ISH's prime-cut dj slices interlocking rapid fire verses, The Vultures are a fresh breath to all absolute Hip Hop heads.

01. You Best Stop
02. Mind Weapon
03. Kill The Noise
04. You Ain't Ready
05. Way Of The Jedi
06. The Menace
07. True Understanding Cypher
08. One's Perception
09. Supreme Thought
10. War Joint
11. Check The Culture
12. Heartless MCs
13. Fortress Storm
14. Keep Ya Eyes On Him
15. Hardest Clink
16. 7 Rings Around Saturn

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Props to The Vultures for sending this to us!