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Hard work has become more than just a habit for this Hip-Hop ensemble hailing from Los Angeles, California. The Literates are known for hard beats, raw lyrics and a live show guaranteed to have any onlooker leaving the venue aching for more. By performing with such names as; Cypress Hill, KRS ONE, Shape Shifters, The Germs, and countless others, they have acquired a large selection of listeners ranging from your average B-boy and Girl, to Punk, Rock and Metal fans. Also gaining support of numerous Hip-Hop radio shows throughout the U.S. The Literates have learned to utilize all available resources to gain exposure across continents and seas, reminding the forgetful, of what Hip-Hop should be; positive, inspiring and creative. With nothing but high expectations of success, The Litz will continue to rock shows and create quality music for all willing to listen. And for those unwilling, the image of these three, music driven “Hip-Hop Junkies” will forever stay embedded in their brains.

The Literates have recently released their E.P. entitled Unspoken featuring Sen Dog from Cypress Hill. The “Unspoken” 12 inch is also underway and will be hitting stores, clubs, and airwaves very soon. For more info visit MySpace.com/Literates or Literates.net to get a taste of what They have to offer, which is nothing but positive energy.

01.Keepin It Live
03.Graff Life
04.City Of Angels featuring SenDog of Cypress Hill
05.A.N.T.I. Ill
06.Genuine Friends

Some real dope West Coast hip hop for ya. I posted up their debut album "Don't Sleep" a couple months ago. Anyway, here's their EP from a couple years previous, check it out and if you like it, cop the album to... http://thatrealness.blogspot.com/2009/02/literates-dont-sleep-2009.html

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