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What up folks, yep it's official, we're closing That Realness blog for good on Sunday midnight!!!

I'll try keep this short and sweet, I started this out of a pure luv for that real hip hop music that was lacking everywhere I looked and some artists just weren't gettin the shine they deserved so I took it upon myself to start That Realness and reach out to as many hip hop heads as I can and help spread the word about that real shit.

Anyways, I just don't got the time anymore to run it day to day. It eats into my social life and the fact that I do it for free is also a reason coz ain't got that much dough and I need to make that paper which means more time on road and less no time for the blog.

Here's my solution for all you guys and girls out there:-

Please visit my boy Dilla Donuts' blog called Underground Hip Hop Nation which is where I'll continue to post along with X-Rae. He's on that real hip hop shit hard and started his blog not to long ago.

I would suggest to whoever wants to keep in touch with us that that's where we'll be come Monday so def head over there now and make yourself known, especially all the regular cbox users, artists etc... who read the blog regularly.

I'll still be here till the weekend which is when i push the "DELETE BLOG" button so in the meantime, if you have any questions, hit me up!

We haven't disappeared, just mearly migrated to another blog which I won't be running but will be a part of.

Don't forget, FILI (me) and the team will be at Underground Hip Hop Nation from May 11th!!!

If anyone want to hit me up via email it's